Interview with Illustrator and Designer Moses Adesanya

Interview with Illustrator and Designer Moses Adesanya

Cremate: Could we have a quick introduction as to who you are and what your creative processes are?

Moses Adesanya: I’m an Illustrator / Designer based in South London, I create all sorts of imagery through digital means mainly. Ideas are sometimes kicked off by something I probably saw on Tumblr, I’m on there all the time. The majority of my work begins life as a really rough pen sketch in my journal so I can somewhat visualise the idea I have, then it’s taken on a steady journey through the internet (more research) and onto Photoshop to be finalised (drawn, coloured). 

CR: What are your morning rituals?

MA: Grab my phone and read my list of manifestations I have written, always.

CR: We see a lot of human elements in your illustrations does the way you view yourself + the view you have of the world influence these? If not what’s your main influence for the style you’ve found?


MA: My work is heavily influenced by the World itself, everything that exists on it, everything that has been thought up on it real or fictional. I like to dip into inspiration sources from all areas of life from Movies, Memes to Music literally anything (If I manage to think up an idea I like enough). I must mention that my aesthetic does borrow heavily from Airbrush artists from the 70’s and 80’s as the sleek and refined finishes of that art style really impressed me when I first saw it and I thought of how I could combine my artistic vision with that aesthetic and push the boundaries of the style to avoid becoming dated.

CR: Where does Mother Nature sit within your life? 

MA: Nature has a quite a small place in my life unfortunately given how little of it in its natural form I have around me, the area of London I live in is quite central so I am right in the thick of the city. I Cycle everywhere and this helps me feel much better about living in a very concrete and glass filled environment, on my spare days I take a look at a London map and randomly pick a destination to cycle to, at this point just getting some fresh air and actually leaving my flat is doing me good.

CR: Did the pandemic change how much you value nature?

MA: Yes, when the Pandemic first started I was living in a more further out area of London with a lot more green space, it was good to get out the house and do Park workouts, random walks by the Thames and cycle routes towards much more suburban London. Being in your house for so long will make you appreciate the most mundane of locations, which is how I would describe where I used to live.

CR: If you had 3 suggestions for the community, when it comes to finding their route. What would you say?

MA: Identify the things YOU like, practice and learn about your craft outside of working hours/commissions, make friends.


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